Blue Science Technologies is an innovative, health-conscious company which produces and distributes a range of disinfectant products and technologies around Australia, New Zealand, UAE and the South Pacific.

We are the exclusive distributor of AirSteril units and Blue Science Solutions products. We are currently working on a number of solutions to help stop the spread of infection and improve people’s health, both in the workplaces and at home

Our mission is to create awareness of our HOCL products which are proven to have more efficacy than similar products currently in the marketplace.

Our vision is to help stop the spread of infection using our innovative products.

airsteril as 10 and wc 20 units for air sterilisation

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AirSteril is based on developing innovative and cost-effective solutions to eliminate offensive odours and to help control infections.
The AirSteril air purification products are made for a number of industries from waste processing, to hospitals and schools.
Breathing quality indoor air is critical for good health, however, existing solutions typically offer only temporary infection control and are often simply masking agents. AirSteril units can target unseen bacteria and viruses and create fresh air without the need for masking agents or perfumes.

Blue Science Solutions

We are the exclusive distributors for Blue Science Solutions ECA devices. We manufacture hand sanitisers, cleaners and food sprays from just salt, water and electricity!

Active Ingredient:

The active ingredient in our products is HOCl, the same compound produced by the immune system to fight infection. It is 200 times more effective than bleach in oxidising and killing germs. It is amongst nature’s most powerful antimicrobial compounds which has proven to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses. Our manufacturing plant is based on the Gold Coast. We supply our very own Australian made products whilst maintaining high quality efficient infection control.

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Personal Air Purifier

Personal Air Purifier acts as a portable personal protectant by purifying the air around you and killing bacteria and germs. The devices can be used in cars, offices, homes, and whilst travelling.
Personal Air Purifier technology utilises eco-friendly UVC LED and H13 HEPA filters. Easy to use and carry around, the portable air purifiers simply need to be plugged in via USB output to clean the air around you in minutes.
The sleek, vertical design makes it easy to carry and fit in your bag or drink holder, and it can be used by individuals and businesses alike.