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Blue Science Technologies is now a proud supporter of OzHarvest!

Blue Science Technologies is now supporting OzHarvest – the nation’s leading food rescue operation
feeding people in need across Australia.

OzHarvest’s purpose is to nourish our country. They are a leading food rescue organisation. From November 1st 2020 – March 30th 2021, for every 5L bottle of  Green-Lyte, and Hand Sanitiser and 500mL hand sanitisers we will be donating $0.50c & $0.10 respectively to Oz harvest.

The donation will aid towards educating, engaging our younger generation, and the general public to support innovation for food reducing wastage. OzHarvest vision is a world with zero food waste and free of hunger, allowing everybody to lead a sustainable and healthy life.

BST shares their belief food should not be wasted. This is one of the main reasons why we have to produce a HOCl food spray that effectively prolongs the shelf-life of fruit, vegetables, meat, and dairy!

Blue Science Technologies supports OzHarvest as our goals and missions are aligned. This is to support the Australian community and environment by supplying effective and affordable Australian-made products.

To find out more about OzHarvest’s mission to nourish our country and stop food waste,