Keep your produce fresh for longer
We harness the power of nature to deliver non-toxic
yet powerful cleaning and sanitising solutions

Fruit and Vegetable Spray made from 100% natural ingredients is ideal for spraying on all types of fresh food, killing bacteria and extending its shelf life and freshness.

One of nature's oldest and most powerful disinfectants
HOCl is the perfect weapon to fight germs. Prior to the availability of antibiotics, HOCl was used to irrigate wounds in WW1, which assisted in accelerating the healing process. HOCl is a weak acid that occurs naturally in the human body. Neutrophils are white blood cells that are the first to arrive when an invading pathogen is detected. Through the natural process, neutrophils release a burst of bactericidal chemicals including HOCl, which kill the pathogen by destroying the cell membranes and proteins. It is currently used worldwide in a range of industries including water treatment to food processing plants, daycare centres and is also used extensively in hospitals.

Blue Science Technologies uses a special patented two-part electrolysis cell to separate and purify salt and water. The result is a high potency hypochlorous acid (HOCl) with a long shelf life.
Directions for use
Contains HOCl

Produce can be sprayed or soaked daily. Spray directly onto produce, rinse and dry before consuming. Pour an adequate volume of Fruit & Vegetable Spray into a bowl and soak the produce for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly before consuming.

Ingredients:  Water, hypochlorous acid (60 ppm).

Available in:  5L/ 750ml

One of nature's oldest and most powerful disinfectants

HOCl is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. It is non-hazardous. HOCl produces a solution that is 200 times more effective than comparable products without any strong odour or hazardous side effects. 

Studies show that HOCl is effective against many common bacteria and viruses like E. coli, Staphylococcus, SARS-COVID and the dangerous Fungi “Black Mould”.