The ultimate, all-natural grease-cutting cleaner for all-round cleaning.

Professional grade grease-cutting cleaner made from 100% natural ingredients.
Our Green-Lyte Cleaner replaces most general purposes and grease cutting
cleaners made with harsh chemicals. It is the perfect surfactant for lifting dirt
and cutting stubborn grease and oily messes.

What is Blue Science?

Blue Science Technologies develops and distributes cleaners and sanitisers.

Green-Lyte: The ultimate grease-cutting cleaner for all-round cleaning.


Sodium hydroxide (150 ppm), one of the most effective grease-cutting compounds available and FDA GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe).

Green-Lyte is produced using ECA devices from Blue Science Technologies. Green-Lyte solution can be purchased directly from Blue Science Technologies in different volumes.

Green-Lyte replaces all traditional general-purpose cleaners and grease-cutting solutions. It is the perfect cleaning agent for any application where safe cleaning of grease and similar cleaning conditions.

Green-Lyte is manufactured using Blue Science Solutions ECA Devices with water and salt. Effective as a detergent or surfactant for lifting dirt, removing stubborn grease and oily messes.

Australian made and owned

Directions for use:
Contains noah

Spray liberally onto the area to be cleaned. Use a clean towel or cloth, to wipe away grease/dirt. Food contact surfaces such as counters and tables must be rinsed with potable water.

Ingredients:  water, sodium hydroxide.

Available in:  Available in: 5L/ 750ml

Australian Made
One of the most effective grease-cutting compounds

Sodium hydroxide is colourless and odourless liquid. It has the ability to transmute hard grease and fat build-up into dissolvable soap. Sodium hydroxide
excels in the cleaning industry due to its accessibility, affordability, ease of
detection and disposal.